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Cause analysis of abnormal bearing noise

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Sound of normal running bearing
1. If the bearing is in a good state of continuous rotation, it will emit a low whine or buzzing sound. If there is a sharp hiss, squeak and other irregular sounds, it often indicates that the bearing is in a poor continuous rotation condition. The sharp squeaking noise may be caused by improper lubrication. Inappropriate bearing clearance can also cause metallic noise. 2. The dent on the bearing outer ring track will cause vibration and cause a smooth and crisp sound. 3. If there is intermittent noise, it means that the rolling parts may be damaged. This sound occurs when the damaged surface is rolled over. Contaminants in the bearing often cause hissing. Severe bearing damage will produce irregular and loud noise. 4. If it is caused by knocking scars during installation, noise will also be generated. This noise will vary with the speed of the bearing.
Abnormal bearing noise
Large metal noise Cause 1: Abnormal load Countermeasures: Correct the fit, study the bearing clearance, adjust and load, and correct the position of the housing shoulder. Reason 2: Poor installation Countermeasures: machining accuracy of shaft and housing, improve installation accuracy and installation method. Reason 3: Insufficient or unsuitable lubricant. Countermeasure: Replenish lubricant and select appropriate lubricant. Reason 4: The rotating parts are in contact. Countermeasure: Modify the contact part of the curved seal. Regular noise Reason 1: Indentation, rust or scars on the rolling surface caused by foreign matter Countermeasures: Replace the bearing, clean the relevant parts, improve the sealing device, and use a clean lubricant. Reason 2: (after steel carburization) surface deformation. Countermeasure: Replace the bearing and pay attention to its use. Reason 3: The raceway surface is peeled. Countermeasure: Replace the bearing. Irregular noise Reason 1: Excessive clearance. Countermeasure: Study the fit and bearing clearance, and modify the preload. Reason 2: Foreign matter intrusion. Countermeasures: study the replacement of bearings, clean relevant parts, improve sealing devices, and use them. Cause 3: Spherical surface injury and peeling. Countermeasure: Replace the bearing.

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