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Study on the Requirement Factor of AC EV Charger

wallpapers News 2021-06-15
Study on the Requirement Factor of AC EV Charger
AC EV Charger is a special device that uses conduction to provide AC power to electric vehicles with on-board chargers. It is also the most commonly used electric vehicle charging method. However, there is no relevant information about the coefficients required for AC charging piles, which affects the exchange. The design of the power supply and distribution system of charging piles. Through investigation, the actual operation data of single-phase and three-phase AC charging piles in different places and different numbers are measured, and the frequency estimation method is used to analyze the data to give recommended values for the required coefficients of AC charging piles.
Electric Vehicle Charging Pile Power Distribution Design in Newly-built Residential District
An alternative method for calculating the required coefficient of charging load for a large number of charging piles is proposed, and the similarity of the two applicable backgrounds is explained, and the feasibility is discussed. A large number of new energy vehicles are relatively Concentrated time charging (especially when it overlaps with residential power consumption peaks) is a severe test for the power grid. A way to make full use of the existing power distribution room to charge new energy vehicles at staggered peaks is proposed to avoid The solution for the construction of a special transformer room for charging piles. The relevant issues that need to be paid attention to in the determination of the charging pile load level, fire protection, installation, and safety in the electrical design of the new energy vehicle garage are described.
AC charging pile for electric vehicles
The utility model relates to an AC EV Charger for electric vehicles, which includes a charging power supply, the main controller, a contactor, a protective emergency stop device, an electric meter, an indicator light, a printer, a card reader, a digital tube, and the signal of the main controller The output end is connected to the digital tube display, printer, indicator light, card reader, electric meter, and contactor. The electric meter and contactor are connected to the emergency stop protection device. The charging pile is not only reasonable in design and simple in structure but also has a good charging effect. The use safety factor is high.

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