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What is a pneumatic tool and what are the advantages of pneumatic tools

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What is air tools?
Air tools are also called air tools, which are compressed aerodynamic tools driven by air compressors or tools driven by portable compressed carbon dioxide cylinders. These tools are capable of generating more power than traditional power tools, and their design specifications and use are governed by a unique set of OSHA regulations. In some cases, specific PEE is specified for the operator and various fail-safe measures are required in the design of the equipment.
How do air tools work
Broadly speaking, air tools are mainly used to drive pneumatic motors with compressed air and output kinetic energy. According to their basic working mode, they can be divided into 1) rotary (eccentric movable vane). 2) reciprocating piston (volume) general air tools is mainly composed of power output part, homework form transformation, into the exhaust road sections, operations open and stop control, tool case, such as main body, air tools, of course, the operation must also be energy supply parts, air filtration and air pressure adjustment, and tool accessories, etc.
All air tools operate with compressed air. Therefore, you need to connect them to an air compressor to make them work. Once connected, the devices' pneumatic motors convert compressed air into energy. From here, all you have to do is press the trigger and let the tool work.
Because air tools use air, they are safer to use, especially in humid and flammable environments. In addition, most pneumatic units have a compact and lightweight design that allows you to use them in cramp areas. Finally, these tools are cheaper and easier to maintain than power tools.
Advantages of air tools
1. The air is easy to obtain, and the working pressure is low, the used air can be discharged on the spot, without recycling pipes.
2. The viscosity of gas is small, flow resistance loss is small, easy to centralized gas supply and long-distance transportation.
3. High speed of the pneumatic actuator.
4. Pneumatic system has strong adaptability to the environment, can work reliably in a wide temperature range, humid and dusty environment, a little leakage will not pollute the environment, no fire and explosion danger, safe to use.
5. Simple structure, convenient maintenance, low cost.
6 pneumatic components long life 7 pneumatic components of the output than hydraulic small, faster movement, strong adaptability, can be easy, explosive, heavy, wet, impact of the harsh environment, no pollution, long working life, simple structure, easy to maintain, low price.
Composition of air tools series
1. Air pressure generating device -- air compressor
2. Pneumatic actuator
3. Pneumatic control element -- is used to control the pressure, flow and flow mode of the working medium to make the executive element complete the required motion of the law of components, such as pressure, flow and direction control valves and various logic components
4. The sensing element and conversion element will be controlled parameters detected and turned into pneumatic signal qigong sensing element and the gas signal and electro-hydraulic signal conversion components
5. Pneumatic auxiliary --- includes air source purification, component lubrication, component connection and muffler components
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