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How to maintain tapered roller bearings

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According to the use location, use conditions and environmental conditions, select the size, accuracy, and appropriate tapered roller bearings to ensure the life and reliability of the bearing.
Location of use: Tapered roller bearings are suitable for combined radial and axial loads that are mainly radial. They are usually paired with two sets of tapered roller bearings, which are mostly used in front and rear hubs, active conical gears, Transmission parts such as differentials and reducers. Allowable speed: In the environment of correct installation and proper lubrication, the permissible bearing speed is 0.3-0.5 times of the limit speed of the bearing. Under normal circumstances, the limit speed of 0.2 times is the most suitable. Allowable tilt angle: Tapered roller bearings generally do not allow the shaft to tilt relative to the housing hole. Allowable temperature: Under the condition of bearing average load, and the lubricant has high-temperature resistance and sufficient lubrication; the general bearing is allowed to work at an ambient temperature of -30℃-150℃.
Selection of bearing grease
Improper lubrication accounts for 36% of the causes of premature failure of tapered roller bearings. General-purpose grease cannot meet the needs of various special bearing applications. Only one or all kinds of general-purpose oil are used to satisfy all bearings. The problems caused by the form will far exceed the benefits brought by the unified brand. Bearing application conditions are very diverse. Proper lubrication requires that the grease matches the bearing application conditions.
Bearing grease is the basis for ensuring smooth, worry-free operation and maximum reliability of the bearing, even under the most extreme working conditions. The oil prevents contaminants from entering the bearing, cushions impact loads and prevents corrosion. Choosing the right grease in practical applications is the necessary condition for obtaining the maximum service life of bearings.
The criteria for the correct selection of lubricants include the type and size of tapered roller bearings, temperature, speed, load, and the expected service life and relubrication cycle.
The initial radial clearance of the bearing gradually decreases during the pushing-in process, and the pushing-in amount determines the degree of fit. Therefore, the initial radial clearance of the tapered roller bearing must be measured before installation. In the process of pushing the bearing, the radial clearance is continuously measured until the required radial clearance reduction, and the ideal interference fit is achieved.
Since the temperature is affected by lubrication, speed, load, and environment, the values ​​in the table only indicate the approximate temperature range. The role of bearing lubrication Lubrication has an essential impact on the fatigue life and friction, wear, temperature rise and vibration of rolling bearings. Without regular lubrication, the bearing cannot work. Analysis of the causes of tapered roller bearing damage indicates that about 40% of the bearing damage is related to inadequate lubrication. Therefore, proper lubrication of tapered roller bearings is an effective measure to reduce bearing friction and wear. Also, the lubrication of the bearing also has many functions such as heat dissipation, rust prevention, sealing, and cushioning impact. The role of bearing lubrication can be briefly described as follows:
a. Form an oil film between the two rolling surfaces or sliding surfaces that are in contact with each other to reduce the friction and wear of the contact surfaces.
b. When using oil lubrication, especially when using circulating oil lubrication, oil mist lubrication and oil injection lubrication, the lubricating oil can take away most of the frictional heat inside the bearing and play an active heat dissipation role.
c. When grease lubrication is used, it can prevent foreign dust and other foreign substances from entering the tapered roller bearing and play a sealing part.
d. Lubricants have the function of avoiding metal corrosion.
e. Extend the fatigue life of tapered roller bearings.

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