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Applications of tungsten copper in industry!

Tungsten copper alloy is an alloy made up of tungsten and copper. The copper content of usually used alloys is 10% to 50%. The alloy is prepared by powder metallurgy and has exceptional electric and thermal conductivity, fantastic high-temperature strength and certain plasticity. At extreme heat, such as over 3000 ° C, the copper in the alloy is dissolved and vaporized, soaking up a large amount of warmth and minimizing the surface temperature level of the product. Therefore, this type of product is also called metal sweating material.

Many people will deal with such trouble. Customers will certainly need tungsten copper for devices or EDM, but customers do not recognize tungsten copper alloy at all. What is tungsten copper used for? Nanotrun supplier has actually compiled the adhering to Making uses of copper tungsten.

Key applications of tungsten copper alloy

Tungsten-copper alloy includes the benefits of steel tungsten and copper. Among them, tungsten has a high melting point (the melting point of tungsten is 3410 ° C, and the melting point of iron is 1534 ° C) and high thickness (the density of tungsten is 19.34 g/cm3 and the density of iron is 7.8 g/cm3). Copper has superb electrical and thermal conductivity. Tungsten-copper alloy (generally composed in the range of WCu7 ~ WCu50) has a consistent microstructure, high-temperature resistance, high toughness, arc ablation resistance, and high density; it has modest electric and thermal conductivity and is widely utilized in military high-temperature immune materials., electric alloys for high-voltage buttons, electric machining electrodes, and microelectronic materials. As mold parts and elements, they are extensively utilized in aerospace, air travel, electronic devices, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, sporting activities tools and other markets.

Resistance welding electrode

It combines the benefits of tungsten and copper. It is resistant to heat arc ablation, has high stamina, details gravity, good electric and thermal conductivity, is simple to reduce and process, and has sweating and cooling buildings. Because of the high hardness, high melting point, etc. of tungsten, As a result of its anti-adhesion qualities, it is commonly made used of to make estimate welding and butt welding electrodes with particular wear resistance and heat resistance.

High voltage switch discharge tube electrode

When the high-voltage vacuum discharge tube is working, the temperature of the get-in-touch with the product will increase by countless degrees Celsius in a few tenths of a 2nd. The ablation resistance, high sturdiness, and great electric and thermal conductivity of tungsten copper make the discharge tube work stably. Offer essential problems.

High performance materials for aerospace

tungsten copper alloy has a high thickness, perspiration cooling efficiency, high temperature toughness and resistance to erosion and ablation. It is made used of in the aerospace market as nozzle throat linings for projectiles and rockets, elements of gas tails, air rudders, hoods and accessories. Wait once again.

Vacuum cleaner called material

The get in touch with material must have great machining buildings and thermal shock resistance. Due to arcing throughout the call and breaking, the temperature level of the contact product will climb by thousands of degrees Celsius in a couple of tenths of a 2nd.

Electrodes for EDM

In the very early days, copper or graphite electrodes, which were cheap but not immune to ablation, were utilized as electrodes for EDM. Currently, they have basically been changed by tungsten copper electrodes. The advantages of tungsten copper electrodes are heat resistance, heat toughness, arc ablation resistance, great electric and thermal conductivity, and quick warmth dissipation. Applications focus on trigger, resistance welding, and high-voltage discharge tube electrodes.

The characteristics of electric machining electrodes are a wide variety of specifications, tiny sets and large complete amounts. Tungsten copper products utilized as electric machining electrodes need to have the greatest feasible thickness and architectural harmony, especially slim rod-shaped, tubular and special-shaped electrodes.

Digital packaging materials

W-Cu electronic product packaging product has both the reduced expansion characteristics of tungsten and the high thermal conductivity of copper. It is particularly important that its thermal development coefficient and thermal and electric conductivity can be made by readjusting the product’s structure, thus offering the material. The application brings fantastic convenience.

Mold and mildew precision processing

Deep holes, or when edges need to be cleaned up, using other electrodes may cause second placement factors, making it more difficult to accomplish high precision needs.


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